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The Retail Relevance Report

Another week, another Friday. Take a load off and read the rebranded Retail Relevance Report.

Walmart associates set to go the extra mile for you

Walmart facade in Mountain View

And you thought airborne drones were the latest in e-commerce delivery. Turns out, that’s not it at all. In fact it’s the guy or woman who just got called for a clean up on aisle 12 at the local Walmart.

The behemoth of Bentonville is testing out a plan that calls for Walmart employees to drop stuff off at customers’ homes on their way home from work, the Associated Press reports. (“Be a dear, would you, and drive that Instapot over to Mrs. Bertalucci’s. It’s practically on your way.”

The idea is not as loopy as it sounds. Apparently, employees will have to opt in to the delivery duty and presumably by doing so they would make more money than they otherwise would.

There are some concerns, though, by those who look out for workers and their rights. The head of Making Change at Walmart (not a fan, by the way) told the AP that given the low wages Walmart workers make, employees will feel as though they have to join the program to make some extra money.

Walmart, of course, looks at things differently. Marc Lore, the guy who is now the CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce operation talked about the logic of it all on the company website.

He explained that Walmart has 4,700 stores and more than a million associates. The company already has trucks tooling around shipping products from warehouses to stores, where customers come to pick them up. Why not haul some stuff slated for delivery, too, and let a store associate move it the so-called last mile (or 10)?

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