Chocolate and cars: All in a days work

This morning my daughter reminded me of why I love my job. I was working from home and had just returned after interviewing Ford’s Jim Buczkowski, who is known as the motor company’s chief geek. He’s in charge of looking for/at the car of the future.

I had some time to work before heading up to San Francisco to interview Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring, the guys who started Plaxo, the cloud-based address book company, with Sean Parker. They ended up selling it for a bundle to Comcast.

I wasn’t driving up (in my car of the past) to talk about Plaxo. I was driving up to talk about chocolate. The two are starting a handcrafted chocolate company, Dandelion Chocolate, in a small third-floor chocolate factory that overlook San Francisco Bay from the city’s dog patch neighborhood. Yes, I tasted some, but all in the interest of accurate journalism.

Anyway, Bailey, our senior-in-high-school daughter, sized me up and said something like: You’ve got a pretty neat job. First you talk to the Ford guy — did you get your flying car, by the way — and then on to a chocolate factory.

Yeah, not bad. I’ll be writing about both cars and chocolates in coming days.


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One response to “Chocolate and cars: All in a days work

  1. Sweet gig you have there!

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