You think finding a job is tough? Try looking with a rap sheet.

I wrote today about an amazing guy who is teaching inmates how to look for work.

Peter Ullman teaches at the San Mateo County Women's Correctional Center.


What’s that? You think it’s going to be kind of hard from them to get to work what with all the bars and locks and such.

This is for when they get out, genius. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Why let people out of jail with no means of support, nothing to do etc. Could be part of what got them in trouble in the first place.

Anyway, Peter Ullman, an 85-year-old guy from Palo Alto, goes into local jails and teaches about writing resumes, handling job interviews, finding leads, the whole bit.

He says if ex-cons can find jobs (and over the years he’s helped hundreds do that) you can, too — even in a tough economy. So keep plugging.


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