One Silicon Valley Solution to Ballot Overload

Over at Huffington Post, Craig Newmark is writing about the latest tool of democracy to come out of Silicon Valley.

Craig gives good reviews to, a Palo Alto non-profit that lets voters sort out what groups and political organizations support — or oppose — what measures and candidate.

(Gotta love the blogosphere. You’ll find Craig’s piece right next to the story about naked Rihanna pictures.)

I like it too, though it’s in Beta and appears to have a few issues. I had trouble navigating the site and found moving between organizations’ positions and the home page to be kind of clunky.

I’m rooting for the site’s founder(s) to get the problems ironed out. It happens to promote a method I’ve been using for years in trying to sort through the gobbledygook of California ballot propositions.

For years now I’d studied the arguments for and against various propositions — not so much to see what the arguments said, but rather who signed on in support of the arguments.

Not fool-proof, especially with today’s strange political bedfellows, but still helpful.


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